The Defense Budget

American VoicesPoliticsmilitary ISSUE 38•05 Feb 13, 2002

President Bush's proposed $379 billion defense budget would be the largest increase in two decades. What do you think?

  • “That seems like a reasonable amount. Wait, I didn't see those last nine zeroes. Uh-oh.”

    Dana Durbin –

  • “What do I care what Congress does with their money?”

    Vanessa O'Connor –

  • “This is a return to the Reagan Era, when bombs came before the poor. It's time to reunite my '80s hardcore punk band, Critical Truth.”

    Dan Eckert –

  • “Hopefully, the Pentagon will justify this massive spending outlay by buying some really cool shit.”

    Richard Kent –
    Systems Analyst

  • “So, do I get a $300 check this year? No? Bush is such an asshole.”

    Peter Lyght –
    Civil Engineer

  • “Let us not lose sight of the most important thing here: bombsbombsbombsbombs- bombsbombsbombsbombs- bombsbombsbombsbombs, KABLOOMA!”

    Bob Nowell –

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