The Dot-Com Fallout

American Voicesbusiness ISSUE 36•24 Jul 19, 2000

The darlings of Wall Street until March of this year, dot-com companies have fallen on hard times, with countless Internet businesses going belly-up or seeing their market value plummet. What do you think of the struggles of the New Economy?

  • “You mean I can no longer expect to enjoy a grossly overinflated market cap for my unprofitable, $200-million-in-debt Internet start-up? That's not fair!”

    Larry Barnett –

  • “Oh, no! I could cyberlose e-millions of virtual dollars and end up in!”

    Lisa Spizer –
    Day Trader

  • “Dot-com is so 1999. I'm putting all my money into dot-org stocks.”

    Bill Vander Heyden –

  • “I met my wife on the Internet, and she's been going way down in value lately.”

    Ted Singerle –
    Systems Analyst

  • “So maybe enthusiasm for the commercial viability of the Internet is waning. But I defy you to find a better medium in which to have tea with Hello Kitty.”

    Irene Rudden –

  • “Looks like yet another megatrend has come and gone without affecting me in any way whatsoever.”

    Ned Huang –

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