The Falun Gong Show

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 35•29 Aug 18, 1999

The Chinese government recently banned Falun Gong, a 100,000-member spiritual movement denounced as "dangerous to society." What do you think of China's crackdown on this meditation-based sect?

  • “Thank goodness China was able to stamp out this dangerous sitting- around- doing- nothing- but- thinking movement.”

    Randall Fowler –
    Systems Analyst

  • “The Chinese government may seem harsh to us, but at least over there, an individual worker-unit can propel itself along a transportway without fear of undue molestation.”

    Pamela Olsen –
    Loan Clerk

  • “Those meditators should be allowed to do what they want. It's a free country, you know.”

    Kaye Sollinger –
    Fitness Coordinator

  • “China is cracking down on a popular quasi-New Age spiritualist? I think the U.S. should follow their example and crush that Deepak Chopra guy once and for all.”

    Larry Lantis –

  • “Falun Gong? Aren't those the folks who worship harmoniously arranged furniture?”

    John Pellett –

  • “I'm just glad the Chinese government is finally cracking down on something.”

    Gregory Bleck –
    Metal Worker

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