The Great Wal-Mart of China

American Voicesbusiness ISSUE 30•07 Sep 25, 1996

Wal-Mart recently opened its first store in China, bringing its wide selection and everyday low prices to a virtually untapped new market of more than one billion. What do you think about this American retail giant's invasion of the Far East?

  • “Wal-Mart in China? Good idea! That will eliminate shipping costs from the manufacturer to the store.”

    Dennis Pearson –
    Pro Football Player

  • “I'd like to visit that store. Then I could see my wife before I buy her.”

    Walt Huber –
    Speech Pathologist

  • “As a fat Beijing housewife with nine children, I'm glad I'll finally have the chance to push a cart around a huge, fluorescent-lit store, just like I would in America.”

    Leonore Kent –
    Systems Analyst

  • “That explains why, when I tried to return a defective toaster oven recently, they told me I had to take it to their store in Wutan.”

    Cheryl Coogan –
    Registered Dietitian

  • “Hopefully, this will provide a better market for their poorly selling line of Sam's Choice Human Rights Abuses.”

    Kenny Post –
    Truant Officer

  • “As a cost-conscious Chinese peasant, I'm sticking with Sears. They've got the Kenmore-brand huts I'm looking for.”

    Peter Frankowicz –
    Tax Attorney

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