The Great White Tragedy

Some are calling for criminal charges to be filed against the band Great White for its role in the deadly Feb. 20 pyrotechnics fire in Rhode Island. What do you think?

  • “What happened in that Rhode Island club is shocking. To think that over a hundred people would attend a Great White concert...”

    Jim Clemons –
    Financial Analyst

  • “Without pyrotechnics, '80s metal bands will have no way to keep audiences from noticing how shitty their music is.”

    Cynthia Kelleher –

  • “As a concerned parent, I think it's high time somebody started speaking out against this dangerous shark-themed rock.”

    Theresa King –

  • “I only feel safe inside a rock club when Lemmy is playing.”

    Phil Orland –

  • “The saddest part of all is, they never even got to hear 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy.'”

    Bill Barton –
    Truck Driver

  • “How many more people have to die before no one ever dies again?”

    Daniel Haley –
    Systems Analyst

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