The Human-Cloning Controversy

Last week, scientists announced the first-ever cloning of a human embryo, which they hope to mine for stem cells to treat diseases. What do you think?

  • “At last, the underpopulation crisis has found its magic bullet.”

    Carla Rayner –

  • “A whole population of identical-looking human beings? This chilling dystopian vision has already come to pass in the fall J. Crew catalog.”

    Leslie Jong –
    Massage Therapist

  • “We don't need these cloned embryos takin' all the jobs away from regular embryos.”

    Rich Stewart –
    Auto Mechanic

  • “Scientists should not be allowed to play God. Brian Blessed would be much better.”

    Donald Scott –
    Tax Attorney

  • “I've got a plan to create the world's first human-clone hybrid. Remember that sheep Dolly? I'm gonna fuck it.”

    Fred Gardner –

  • “I think I'll just sit back and let the ignorant, hysterical Christians handle this one.”

    Peter Jordan –
    Systems Analyst

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