The Kmart-Sears Merger

American Voicesbusiness ISSUE 40•47 Nov 24, 2004

Last week, Kmart bought Sears in a surprise $11 billion deal, creating the nation's third-largest retailer. What do you think?

  • “It's about time a serious heavyweight challenged Wal-Mart's position as the most depressing place on earth.”

    Etta Newkirk –
    Radiation Therapist

  • “As a major purchaser of lawn shit, I'm as happy as I let myself get.”

    Chester Hoyt –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Does this mean the Sears Tower will be repurposed for Kmart? Just think how awesome a giant red neon "K" is gonna look up there on the top of that mamma jamma!”

    Javier DeKalb –
    Winch Operator

  • “I'm glad I no longer have to choose between Kmart and Sears. It often made things very uncomfortable.”

    Leo Nevins –

  • “I'm gonna love the look on their faces when I announce that I, F.W. Woolworth IV, am relaunching the trusted Woolworth name!”

    F.W. Woolworth IV –

  • “But... I just want a new dish brush...”

    Alicia Bergen –
    Broadcast Technician

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