The Madrid Train Bombings

American VoicesterrorismWorld ISSUE 40•11 Mar 17, 2004

Madrid is still searching for answers after the worst terrorist attack in Spanish history. What do you think?

  • “What kind of Muslims are the Basques? They're not Muslims? Then why would they blow stuff up?”

    Albert Douglas –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Man, maybe we should have tried to track down Osama bin Laden after Sept. 11.”

    Roger Carter –

  • “Wow, a real-life Guernica.”

    Ann Collins –

  • “And now, yet another healing process begins.”

    Henry Sanchez –

  • “Bush is definitely going to get the Spanish vote in November.”

    Janet Campbell –
    Teacher Assistant

  • “The question is, 'Was it al Qaeda or the Basques?' And if it's the latter, the question becomes, 'Now, who are the Basques, again?'”

    Walter Morris –

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