The Magic Number

American Voices ISSUE 30•11 Oct 22, 1996

What is your favorite number?

  • “You mean, other than eight?”

    Trish Rubin –
    Choral Director

  • “I have trouble deciding between 12 and 85, so I'll take their average and say 48.5.”

    Gene Pfeiffer –
    Systems Analyst

  • “The cosine of 67 degrees, because that's the number I wore when I played football in high school.”

    Liz Schreiber –
    Hotel Concierge

  • “Sorry, I flunked math. But 'albedo' is my favorite meteorological term.”

    Tanner Bilson –

  • “I know it's trendy, but I'd have to say six.”

    Art Dawes –

  • “I don't really have a favorite. Just so long as I'm counting, I'm happy.”

    George Reuschelm –
    French Teacher

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