The Medicare Crisis

American VoicesPolitics ISSUE 35•04 Feb 3, 1999

Medicare, which provides health insurance to 40 million elderly Americans, is projected to go bankrupt by 2008. What do you think about this impending crisis?

  • “If God had meant for us to help the aged and infirm, He certainly would have put it in The Bible.”

    Harriet Alston –

  • “I'm doing my part to save Medicare by turning all the IV drips in my hospital to half-power.”

    Randall Essian –
    Hospital Administrator

  • “Why should we keep offering the elderly all these free handouts? They're just going to spend it all on a bunch of dialysis and shit.”

    Victor Keough –

  • “So what if a few million old people die? Are they, like, scarce or something?”

    Iris Heaverlo –

  • “Somebody in Washington should call for health-care reform.”

    Lawrence Dilone –
    Systems Analyst

  • “How much could it cost to shut away the elderly with a black-and-white TV and some cat food? A couple hundred a year?”

    David Armas –
    Sales Clerk

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