The Saudi Peace Plan

American VoicesWorldmiddle east ISSUE 38•08 Mar 6, 2002

A Middle East peace plan from Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah has generated hope among both Palestinians and Israelis. What do you think?

  • “I applaud Saudi Arabia for being willing to compromise on the degree to which Israel is wrong.”

    Vicki Kjell –

  • “I think the U.S. should endorse Crown Prince Abdullah's plan only after exhaustive review by King Vitaman and Queen Sara Saturday.”

    Robert Zisk –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Wow, the Grammys and a Middle East peace plan, all in one week.”

    Bryan Brecht –
    Carpet Installer

  • “This proposal is being put forth by a corrupt kingdom on behalf of two ancient sworn enemies whose agendas are dictated by their most extreme factions. How could it fail?”

    Isaac Robinson –
    Defense Attorney

  • “These Saudis are just a bunch of Jimmy Carter wannabes.”

    Miriam Holt –
    Interior Decorator

  • “Hurrah! Peace at last!”

    Fred Duffy –

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