The U.S.-China Standoff

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 37•13 Apr 11, 2001

Last week, China detained 24 Navy officers after their spy plane collided with a Chinese jet. What do you think about the escalating tensions between the two nations?

  • “Tell me about it. One of my spy planes went down over China once, and I had a bitch of a time getting it back.”

    Ben Carlson –

  • “If a Chinese spy plane crash-landed in California after knocking down one of our jets, I'm sure we'd give it right back.”

    Bob Rolen –

  • “Can't we just send China a fruit basket or something?”

    Yvonne Goltz –

  • “Damn Truman! We should cross the Yalu River and invade the Chinese mainland! We must halt the spread of Communism at all costs!”

    Richard Grolier –

  • “And Bush was so close to world peace before this, too.”

    Will Franklin –
    Systems Analyst

  • “This is a great chance for Bush to show the world that he appears to be tough.”

    Gina Jeffries –

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