Tobacco Company Liability

American Voicesbusiness ISSUE 31•18 May 14, 1997

In a landmark case last week, a federal judge ruled that cigarette manufacturer R.J. Reynolds is not liable in the lung-cancer death of a longtime smoker. What do you think?

  • “The ones they ought to be going after are the bastards who make the matches.”

    Steve Rydell –

  • “I, personally, would like to thank Philip Morris for the death of my unwanted fetus.”

    Vicki Otterman –

  • “It would be different if someone had made it perfectly clear that smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and may complicate pregnancy.”

    Lisa Winters –

  • “My dad died of loneliness. If only there was one person, just one single, solitary person that I could sue.”

    Chris Saxon –
    Tuba Player

  • “Life's too short for hate. Instead, let's think about all the good things the tobacco companies have done.”

    Timothy Kolkos –

  • “The cigarette companies should all be found liable and made to pay. Except for Virginia Slims—they were just doing their part for women's rights.”

    Randy Ordonez –
    Systems Analyst

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