This week's 5 best-selling books as compiled by The Onion Book Review:

  1. The Cabin Behind The CabinHarriett Miller (Doubleday, $27.99)In this stirring memoir, Miller recounts her childhood growing up in a log cabin next to another, different log cabin.
  2. The Berenstain Bears Drive Down Neighborhood Property ValuesStan and Jan Berenstain (Random House, $8.99)After a family of ravenous, 400-pound bears moves into the cul-de-sac, no one can sell their goddamn house.
  3. State Lottery SupersystemWalter ‘Connecticut Slim’ Lester (Cardoza Publishing, $20.00)The lottery pro shares some of his favorite can’t-lose strategies such as “your kids’ birthdays” and “numbers that came to you in a dream.”
  4. Gimme The Pink Ovals On Brown BreadRoger Mitchell (Penguin, $17.95)A list of the different ways you can tell the deli guy you want ham on whole wheat.
  5. Who’s A Good Boy?Benjamin Puckle (Viking, $21.90)It’s the dog.