Tourism In The Tsunami's Wake

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 41•05 Feb 2, 2005

While some travelers cancelled vacations to tsunami-stricken countries, others say that tourism is important for rebuilding the area's economy. What do you think?

  • “How can Thailand expect people like me to visit? What am I—made of bahts?”

    Carla Sparks –

  • “I'll bet the tourism drop-off would be reversed if the Western media would shift its focus to more positive coverage of tsunamis.”

    Gordan Rami –

  • “Well, I was going to visit the Greek ruins, but I might as well go where the ruins are still fresh.”

    Brenda Ellis-Lee –

  • “I'll still take my annual vacation in Sri Lanka, but I'm going to be nice to everyone for a change.”

    Joe Callister –

  • “Whoa. Talk about the very definition of guilt trip.”

    Tyler Wilson –
    Systems Analyst

  • “It's time for the healing process to begin. Resident of Sumatra, another Mai Tai, please.”

    Toby Leiffert –

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