Troops To Stay In Iraq

American VoicesWorldwariraqmilitary ISSUE 39•28 Jul 23, 2003

U.S. military officials recently announced that thousands of soldiers will remain in Iraq for longer than previously stated. What do you think?

  • “At least democracy's flowering over there. They could be here, where it's nearly fucking dead.”

    Arthur Rucker –

  • “Good. Maybe it'll teach those weaklings some discipline.”

    Jessica Burrell –

  • “As an employer of several U.S. reservists, I have one question: Who's gonna sell these motorboats?”

    Edward Enriquez –
    Sales Manager

  • “I can't imagine why it's taking them so long to accomplish a simple little matter like stabilizing that particular geopolitical region.”

    Maude Wilkenson –

  • “Boy, the Iraqis better develop a fun pop culture with cute cartoon animals and grown women in schoolgirl uniforms, or this will be a complete waste.”

    Sammy Marsh –
    Security Guard

  • “If our soldiers must be involved in a lengthy occupation, at least it's in a place without any dangerous weapons of mass destruction lying around.”

    Martin Stearns –
    Systems Analyst

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