U.S. Kids Sleep-Deprived

American Voicespatriotismkids ISSUE 40•14 Apr 7, 2004

The National Sleep Foundation recently announced that American children are not getting enough sleep. What do you think?

  • “I wake my son up four times a night for pulled-pork sandwiches and Bible study.”

    Cynthia Lewis –
    Tax Preparer

  • “This doesn't concern me personally, because I ain't got no damn kids by no woman on the other side of town.”

    Steve Green –
    Fruit Picker

  • “It's no surprise. The obese often have trouble sleeping.”

    Virginia Adams –

  • “Parents, use child psychology to eradicate this problem. Tell your son or daughter, 'If you don't get enough sleep, the monster under your bed will eat you.'”

    Frank Gonzalez –

  • “You know what else they're not getting? My goddamn Brandy Old Fashioned, that's what. You hear me, Tyler?”

    Gregory King –
    Aerospace Engineer

  • “Maybe if they pulled up their damn pants for once, that would, um... Well, it would be a step in the right direction.”

    Stephen Harrison –
    Systems Analyst

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