Weiland Out Of Velvet Revolver

American Voices ISSUE 44•14 Apr 3, 2008

Rock band Velvet Revolver has parted ways with singer Scott Weiland, saying in a statement that Weiland "wasn't 100 percent committed" to the fans or music. What do you think?

  • “How can anyone measure up to Slash's professional standards of excellence?”

    Jon Evans –
    Blackjack Dealer

  • “If Weiland doesn't get sober, he'll end up just like Kurt Cobain. Actually, that's a bit extreme. He'll be more like Layne Staley.”

    Oliver Topper –
    Bank Teller

  • “It was a glorious run but after some albums and tours and interviews, I guess the time has come to move on.”

    Anya Lonberg-Holm –
    Camera Salesperson

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