Wikipedia Bans Congress From Editing Pages

American VoicesOpinion ISSUE 50•30 Jul 29, 2014

After a Twitter bot was created to track Wikipedia edits made from congressional IP addresses and anonymous staffers responded by making “disruptive” joke edits to pages on the moon landing and Choco Tacos, the site imposed a 10-day ban on edits originating within the House. What do you think?

  • “So Darrell Issa didn’t invent ‘The Twist’ at Area 51?”

    William Root –
    Coffee Tester

  • “But with Congress out of the way, there’s no one to stop Justice Alito from filling the site with his predictions for the True Blood series finale.”

    Janine Wiggins –
    Clothing Recycler

  • “The rest of us can still post bullshit though, right?”

    John Van Patten –
    Parkour Historian

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