Women To Be 20 Percent Of Senate

American VoicesOpinion ISSUE 48•45 Nov 9, 2012

Women will occupy a record 20 of the U.S. Senate’s 100 seats when the 113th Congress opens in January, the result of numerous high-profile election victories, including Elizabeth Warren’s in Massachusetts and Tammy Baldwin’s in Wisconsin. What do you think?

  • “That’s a great first step, but they won’t be truly equal until there are 25, or maybe 30, women in the Senate.”

    Troy Quiacos –
    Tourist Information Assistant

  • “Women can get nothing done just as well as men can, and it’s a disgrace that percentage isn’t higher.”

    Lena Cacioppo –
    Wallpaper Printer

  • “At least their salaries will save the government some dough.”

    Ron Nowland –
    Sanding Machine Operator

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