World’s 85 Richest As Wealthy As Half Global Population

American VoicesOpinion ISSUE 50•03 Jan 22, 2014

According to a study by Oxfam International, the 85 richest people in the world have a combined net worth of $1.7 trillion, which is equal to the total combined wealth of the nation’s poorest 3.5 billion residents, or half the global population. What do you think?

  • “Halfway there, rich guys! Keep it up!”

    William Kleiser –
    Nature Trail Guide

  • “Why does anyone need that much money? Myself, I would be happy just being richer than a few million poor people.”

    Roger Burke –
    Web Forum Moderator

  • “Imagine if the wealthiest donated just one dollar a day to charity. That could work out to around 85 bucks a day.”

    Mimi Markovsky –
    Supervising Editor

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