'Worrisome' Levels Of Arsenic In Rice

American VoicesOpinion ISSUE 48•38 Sep 21, 2012

After testing more than 200 common rice products and finding “significant” and “worrisome” levels of inorganic arsenic, a toxin and known carcinogen, in nearly every item, Consumer Reports has urged Americans to curb their rice consumption. What do you think?

  • “Well, ‘worrisome’ is a relative term, just like ‘significant’ and ‘arsenic.’” ”

    Alex Atchley –
    Hand Riveter

  • “That’s why my wife and I only ingest locally grown, organic arsenic.” ”

    Lori Finnegan –
    EKG Technician

  • “People complain so much in this country. I’m sure there are plenty of starving children in Africa who would love to eat a bowl of arsenic.”

    Kevin Hanna –

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