NEW YORK—Following the pair’s highly publicized confrontation before a game last week, New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera reportedly felt the full wrath of fans Tuesday evening for crossing widely beloved Yankees icon Joba Chamberlain. “Nobody messes with Joba around here and gets away with it,” said 46-year-old lifelong fan Chris Ferland, one of thousands loudly booing Rivera during the team’s game against the Seattle Mariners before chants of “Joba” erupted around Yankee Stadium. “Joba Chamberlain is the heart and soul of the Yankees—when you think of the pinstripes, you think Chamberlain. That Rivera guy better learn his place and show some damn respect.” According to sources, the backlash, while fierce, still pales in comparison to fan outrage when shortstop Derek Jeter reportedly had a falling out with Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez in 2006.