The Week In Pictures – Week Of August 26, 2013

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Breaking Bad

AMC 9 p.m. EDT/8 p.m. CDT LeVar Burton takes children out to a river, where they catch rainbow trout and try to discern the fish’s personality just by how it flops around on the shore.

Monday, September 2

Due to budget cuts, beginning next week the library is replacing Movie Mondays with Blondie Comic–Reading Mondays.

$80,000 Wedding Beautiful

The Obama family adopts a 44-Year-Old Portuguese water man, a report shows that employers know within the first five minutes whether or not they will murder an applicant, and well, the neighbors just got a pitbull.

Chuck Klosterman Corners Guy At Party Wearing Dio Shirt

NEW YORK—Author Chuck Klosterman reportedly cornered a guy who was wearing a Dio shirt at a party Thursday evening and dominated an exhaustive discussion on the metal band, addressing the group’s fantasy themes, deconstructing lyrics, and expo...

Ben Affleck To Play Batman

The president of Warner Bros. announced yesterday that Ben Affleck will play the role of Batman in the 2015 sequel to this summer’s Man of Steel, in which Batman will join forces with Superman.
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Just Like Everything Else!: Fox 8 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. ABC Pete's wife is still on him about building that darn shed, these kids are going to be the death of Sheila and Dave, and the hot next-door neighbor is up in EVERYBODY'S business! Sunday nights on ABC couldn't be any more familiar!

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Good Times

Man Considers Nodding Approvingly After Friend’s Drink Purchase

MEQUON, WI—Seeking to convey his endorsement of his acquaintance's selection at local bar Coney's Draft House this evening, area man Thomas Dodge told reporters that he was considering nodding approvingly at his friend’s alcoholic beverage pur...


  • Sports Drink Company Putting First Advertisement On Moon

    Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka has announced plans to put their sports drink Pocari Sweat on the moon in a specially equipped container bearing their logo, which, if successful, would be the first time a commercial product has been flown to the mo...

The Week In Pictures – Week Of August 26, 2013

Six Flags Employee Sick Of Talking Visitors Down From Bad Acid Trips
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Researchers Discover Female Frogs Prefer Mate Who Knows Way Around The Cloaca
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Political Cartoonist Not Sure How To Convey That Large Sack In Senator’s Hand Is Full Of Money
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Andy Reid Motivates Chiefs With Inspirational Speech About Great Burrito Place
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Psychiatrist Patiently Listens To Obama Complain About Every Single American
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Washington’s Hobby Lobby Lobbies To Strengthen Hobbies
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Obama Family Adopts 44-Year-Old Portuguese Water Man
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Elmore Leonard, Modern Prose Master, Noted For His Terse Prose Style And For Writing About Things Perfectly And Succinctly With A Remarkable Economy Of Words, Unfortunately And Sadly Expired This Gloomy Tuesday At The Age Of 87 Years Old
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Ford Develops New SUV That Runs Purely On Gasoline
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Seemingly Mentally Ill Internet Commenter Presumably Functions In Outside World
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BREAKING: Middle East Conflict Not Solved Today
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Man Working Up Courage To Ask Coworker To Office Dance
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11 Surefire Signs
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Study: Majority Of Children Lack Strong Male Supermodels
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Obama Deeply Concerned After Syrians Gassed To Death On White House Lawn
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