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Consumers Blast Pepsi iPhone App

People are raising objections to a new iPhone application from Pepsi that offers to help men seduce women, then keep a "Brag List" they can share...
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Just Like Everything Else!: Fox 8 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. ABC Pete's wife is still on him about building that darn shed, these kids are going to be the death of Sheila and Dave, and the hot next-door neighbor is up in EVERYBODY'S business! Sunday nights on ABC couldn't be any more familiar!

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Little League Pitcher Just Getting Fucking Shelled

RED BANK, NJ—After watching the 11-year-old give up the fourth straight double that inning, sources confirmed Sunday afternoon that local Little League pitcher Dustin Bauer is getting absolutely fucking shelled out there.


The Week In Review

Sotomayor Misses Supreme Court Case After Failing To Get Out Of Jury Duty
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Disapproving Michelle Obama To Be Printed On All Fast Food Containers
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Report: Majority Of Newspapers Now Purchased By Kidnappers To Prove Date
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Raiders Achieve First Down
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Vespa Corporation Enchants Another Slight Little Man-Child
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Vince Vaughn Appears On 'Tonight Show' To Deceive Country About Latest Film
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Area Man Has Far Greater Knowledge Of Marvel Universe Than Own Family Tree
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Dirty Magazines: Why Are They Vanishing From America's Woodlands?
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