Information Thieves

Infographic ISSUE 41•13 Mar 30, 2005
Identity theft is a growing problem, with hackers gaining access to more Americans' personal information every year. What are some of the reasons hackers turn ...

Wi-Fi Access

Infographic ISSUE 41•11 Mar 16, 2005
Wireless Internet access is growing more widespread, with entire neighborhoods and even cities offering residents the service. Why is it so popular?

Google In 2005

Infographic ISSUE 41•05 Feb 2, 2005
Google recently introduced Google Video, which allows users to search closed captioning for text and screen images taken from television shows. What does Google plan ...


Infographic ISSUE 35•22 Jun 9, 1999
Last week, computer hackers altered several U.S. government web sites, causing the temporary shutdown of Internet servers including those for the FBI, the Department ...