The New Playstation

Infographic ISSUE 35•03 Jan 27, 1999
Later this year, Sony will unviel its Playstation 2, the much-anticipated follow-up to its popular home videogame system. What are some of the new system ...

Herbie Goes Bananas

News in Brief ISSUE 35•01 Jan 13, 1999
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL—Herbie, the media-dubbed "Love Bug," became entangled Monday in a series of madcap South American misadventures which ultimately resulted in his ...

Hero Publicist Honored

News in Brief ISSUE 34•15 Nov 11, 1998
HOLLYWOOD, CA–For "heroism in publicizing beyond all hope," Hollywood publicist Derek DeBoer was honored Monday for his work promoting the not-at-all-anticipated Buena Vista Pictures ...