World's Longest Wall Completed

‘No one has ever built a wall this great,’ mayor says

News ISSUE 29•10 Mar 19, 1996
PEMBROKE, IL—The Bernstein-Grey construction company announced the completion of the world’s longest wall yesterday, putting the final touches on the single greatest feat ...

Local Harlot Exposes Face, Neck

‘Nothing was left to the imagination,’ says Damascus-area shopkeeper

News ISSUE 29•06 Feb 20, 1996
An area harlot exposed her face and neck to the naked eyes of several area men yesterday, stirring deep within them filthy and sinful desires.

Area Freak Hides In Cave

'Look Away, I Am An Abomination,' He Says

News ISSUE 29•05 Feb 12, 1996
Long-missing Bauton resident Richard Milk, a former potter turned freak, returned late Thursday night to stock up on supplies.

Fanzine Marred by Typo

News ISSUE 29•04 Feb 5, 1996
BERKELEY, CA—A clear typographical error was discovered yesterday in the latest issue of MangaMash, a fanzine devoted to hardcore Japanese speed metal bands and ...