Marilyn Monroe

Corrections Apr 13, 2010
Yesterday's edition of The Onion contained a minor error. But I ask you, would Marilyn Monroe have shone so brightly without her facial mole?

Teens And Sex

Corrections Mar 31, 2010
The Onion apologizes for last week's "Teens and Sex" column, which erroneously reported that the girl cannot become pregnant if you only stick it ...

Lindsay Tan

Dear The Onion, I just love the articles written by columnist Lindsay Tan. Her expositions are enthralling, her adjective choices sublime, and her sentence structures ...

Sam's Sports Column

Corrections Mar 20, 2010
Sam McKenna's sports column in last week's issue should have been titled "Grand Sam" instead of "Sam Dunk." The Onion regrets the error.

Financial Reform

Corrections Mar 17, 2010
In yesterday's financial reform article on page 4B, we accidentally used too much ink in the accompanying photo of Rep.