Corrections Mar 16, 2011
In last week's issue, The Onion incorrectly stated that education is the key to success. Being born into money is, actually.

Stock Photo

Corrections Mar 5, 2011
Our stock photo for last week's article on the benefits of meditation depicted a man sitting cross-legged while wearing a leotard.

Without Permission From Author

Corrections Mar 2, 2011
Last Sunday's op-ed was printed without appropriate permission from its author. The Onion would like to offer an apology to award-winning columnist Thomas Friedman ...

Incorrect Address

Corrections Feb 19, 2011
On Friday, The Onion mistakenly gave the incorrect address for our website. It is www.theonion.com, not www.worldofsharpeis.angelfire.com/sharpeigallery/misterwrinkles/images ...

Total Goof

Corrections Feb 16, 2011
Last week, The Onion totally goofed up big time but is too embarrassed to say how, so just know that we're really, really, really ...