UPC Code

Corrections Dec 9, 2009
The UPC code sequence on last week's print issue read thin black line, thin white line, thin black line, thick white line, thick black ...

Reality Show

Corrections Nov 27, 2009
In last week's article about the reality show America's No. 1 Dancer, we described the sequence of contestant Casey Mendez's dance as ...


Corrections Nov 25, 2009
The Onion correctly stated that camels have three eyelids per eye to protect themselves from blowing desert sand; however, it should not have been the ...


Corrections Nov 14, 2009
Yesterday we incorrectly printed the date Thursday, Nov. 12, instead of Friday, Nov. 13. The Onion apologizes to those who thought they were getting a ...


Corrections Oct 31, 2009
In all previous issues, we mistakenly described The Onion as a newspaper, rather than as the lifestyle platform it clearly is.