Corrections Oct 3, 2009
In Wednesday's article on Baron Von Hate, The Onion wrote, "All fear Baron Von Hate." This is factually incorrect; Captain Paradise isn't afraid ...


Corrections Sep 30, 2009
In our Aug. 27 issue, we erroneously reported that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. In actual fact, while superficial similarities between a species' stages of embryonic development ...


Corrections Sep 19, 2009
There are 13 holes in every saltine cracker, not 15. The Onion regrets the error.


Corrections Sep 16, 2009
The Onion recently ran photos of a staff member's 18-month-old niece. We regret there aren't more pictures of that adorable child.


Corrections Sep 5, 2009
The Onion forgot to capitalize "South American" in a story about South American mangoes last week.

Iron Man

Corrections Sep 2, 2009
Last week The Onion incorrectly reported that the final issue of the classic Iron Man alcoholism storyline was issue No.