Johnny Depp

Corrections Sep 18, 2010
Due to our inability to secure the interview ahead of time, last week's Q&A; with Johnny Depp failed to include any of the famous ...

Current Time

Corrections Sep 4, 2010
The Onion has learned that the Current Time section launched in last week's issue may have contained the incorrect time depending on when in ...

Billy Tandem

Corrections Sep 1, 2010
Though we had planned to run a multipart series on the treatment of 12-year-old cancer patient Billy Tandem, the fact is, the kid is so ...

Kids' Korner

Corrections Aug 21, 2010
Last Sunday, The Onion failed to post the answer to the Kids' Korner brainteaser. The correct way to bring the fox, hen, and sack of ...

Peter Sarsgaard

Corrections Aug 18, 2010
Actor Peter Sarsgaard's name was misspelled in a photo caption accompanying a story about the upcoming release of Green Lantern.