Fire Safety

Corrections Jun 27, 2010
Saturday's article on fire safety contained an error. Apparently, the correct order of actions to take when one is on fire is "stop, drop ...

Jennifer Hudson

Corrections Jun 24, 2010
Yesterday we reported that Jennifer Hudson had dropped from a size 20 to a size 11, when in fact she is a size 10.

World News Section

Corrections Jun 12, 2010
A brief in the World News section reported that Darleen Frazier, 6, chased a butterfly—only to discover a rainbow.


Corrections May 29, 2010
The teacher quoted in yesterday's article on homeschooling is named Susan Leventhal, not Sharon Leventhal, as was printed.

Price Of Last Week's Issue

Corrections May 26, 2010
The price of last week's issue of The Onion was mistakenly printed too low. If you purchased that issue, please mail in an additional ...