Corrections Mar 21, 2009
The Onion was misquoted in a recent New York Times article. We regret that not all newspapers share our commitment to accuracy and excellence.

Arts Section

Corrections Mar 18, 2009
In last Friday's Arts section, The Onion reported that Henry Hilibsky's painting Blue Potato Chips was about human suffering.

Operation Omega

Corrections Mar 4, 2009
Last week, The Onion reported that in exchange for a prominent position in the New World Order, it had given its unconditional allegiance to the ...


Corrections Feb 21, 2009
Last week's architectural review of the Ontario Art Gallery stated that the building's design "playfully blends the visible with the unseen, goading the ...


Corrections Feb 18, 2009
The Onion has learned that an article published last week was incorrect, and that the moon will not disappear tomorrow.