Corrections Feb 3, 2010
Monday's article on the Fourth Avenue rapist contained a number of hasty presumptions. The assailant could have been wearing any kind of dark shoes ...

Narrative Voice

Corrections Jan 23, 2010
You are outraged by The Onion's recent shift in narrative voice and have sent in many angry letters of complaint.


Corrections Jan 20, 2010
The information printed last week about The Onion's college internship program contained a number of errors.


Corrections Jan 10, 2010
In Paula Polite's Wednesday column, she wrote that diners must switch from a salad fork to a shrimp fork if seafood surpasses 20 percent ...

Pipe Bomb

Corrections Jan 9, 2010
The pipe bomb schematic printed in last week's "Crafts" column will explode prematurely, killing anyone attempting to construct it.


Corrections ISSUE 48•09 Dec 11, 2009
Last week we forgot to include homoerotic undertones in our piece on high school wrestling. The Onion regrets the omission.

UPC Code

Corrections Dec 9, 2009
The UPC code sequence on last week's print issue read thin black line, thin white line, thin black line, thick white line, thick black ...