Corrections Oct 31, 2009
In all previous issues, we mistakenly described The Onion as a newspaper, rather than as the lifestyle platform it clearly is.


Corrections Oct 28, 2009
A sequence of characters in last week's Onion evidently marked the first-ever print appearance of the One True Name of God Almighty.


Corrections Oct 17, 2009
The Onion apologizes for the content of yesterday's Lockhorns comic panel. We respect the institution of marriage, and condemn any attempt to disgrace it ...

KIds Section

Corrections Oct 14, 2009
In last Sunday's kids' section, we were wrong to print as a definitive fact the idea that babies are brought into the world by ...


Corrections Oct 3, 2009
In Wednesday's article on Baron Von Hate, The Onion wrote, "All fear Baron Von Hate." This is factually incorrect; Captain Paradise isn't afraid ...


Corrections Sep 30, 2009
In our Aug. 27 issue, we erroneously reported that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny. In actual fact, while superficial similarities between a species' stages of embryonic development ...