There is widespread fear among computer experts that the turn of the millennium will create vast problems, as computers across the world—programmed with only the last two digits of a year—will mistake 2000 for 1900. What do you think?

"I pray that a solution is found. What will happen to my Ms. Pac Man high scores?"

David Charbonneau • Carpet Salesman

"I hope this problem won't affect the hovering space cars we'll be driving in 2000."

Robyn Lipman • Systems Analyst

"My computer went all crazy on me the other day. But I think it was because I ejaculated all over the keyboard."

Wally Putnam • Landscaper

"Without a computer, how will I speak to my friends in Japan, order a bouquet of roses and help my son with his report on dinosaurs?"

Rachel Stryzinski • Librarian

"In just three years, William McKinley will lead the country, the auto-mobile fad will be in full swing, and I shall sport a jaunty boater cap and wax my moustache!"

Pete Mortman • Choir Director

"Open the pod bay doors, Hal… Hal? I won't argue with you, Hal!"

Mitchell Jessup • Chemical Engineer