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While we are quite proud at having pioneered the presentation of advertorial news content on our Inter-net site, there is no reason you should not find The Onion wherever you happen to be, whether on-line or off. So that you cannot plead ignorance, we have compiled on this web page a comprehensive list of sources and methods through which you can maintain your allegiance to our corporate agenda.


Popularized in the late 20th century, e-mail was a form of communication in which messages were delivered across phone lines through personal computers. Our Luddite customers who still use this outmoded medium are directed to visit our e-mail sign-up page, where they can choose from various newsletters.

Feeds & Widgets

Several years ago, Inter-net scientists decided that web consumers should not have to travel the treacherous distance from their computers to a website, a journey resulting in billions of dollars in lost productivity. These inventors developed a form of sorcery called RSS (Really Simple Syndication), which allows the unwashed masses access to our web content directly from their computers or their own customized websites through an RSS reader (examples include NetVibes and Google Reader).

Below you will find a selection of RSS feeds designed to simplify your consumption of our news products.

We have partnered with Google to create a custom gadget that can be installed on your iGoogle page.

Video Services

The Onion News Network, having pioneered the moving-picture zoetrope in 1869, is breaking new ground by making its newsstream(tm) available through various on-line services and valued partners.

Social Networks

We understand there is a new trend on the Inter-net called "social networking," a profitable tool that facilitates the spread of our corporate branding and information services through trusted networks of consumers. Our shareholders embrace such innovations with great enthusiasm. The Onion has established a presence on the following services:


With the recent advent of cellular technology, you can now access The Onion from portable devices, taking America's Finest News Source with you, much like a newspaper. The Onion's news and information is available to you 24 hours a day on the following contraptions:

The Onion’s website is available at from any mobile device with access to the Inter-net.

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