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Writing Fellows Matthew Hunziker, Louisa Kellogg, Evan Waite
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Editorial Coordinator Marnie Shure

Editorial Assistant Fran Hoepfner
Copy Editor Devin Schiff
Digital Manager Jordan David

Digital Producer Dan Davis

Éminence Grise Todd Hanson

Contributing Writers Adam Albright-Hanna, River Clegg, Drew Dickerson, Brian Janosch, David McQuary, Andrei Nechita, Chris Pauls, Zack Poitras, Tim Sampson, Maria Schneider, Gilbert Shi, David Sidorov, Nick Stefanovich, Dan Treadway, Sam Weiner
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Senior Graphics Editor, Department Manager Jimmy Hasse
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Visual Effects Supervisor Eric Overton

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Senior Producer/Editor Erika Share

Footage Coordinator Devin Vaughn

Producer/Editor Will Feinstein, Leo Garcia
Jr. Associate Producers Hannah Levy, Nick Moore
, Brandon Hauer

The A.V. Club

Editor-In-Chief Josh Modell
Senior Editors Sean O'Neal, John Teti
Associate Editor Marah Eakin
Film Editor A.A. Dowd
Gameological Editor Matt Gerardi
TV Editor Erik Adams
Staff Writers Joshua Alston, Katie Rife, Ignatiy Vishnevetsky
Editorial Manager Laura M. Browning
Assistant Editor Becca James
Copy Editors Gwen Ihnat, Caitlin PenzeyMoog
Digital Manager David Anthony
Social Media Manager Cameron Scheetz
Senior Writer Jason Heller
Writing Fellow Alex McCown
Contributing Writers Sam Barsanti, Mike D’Angelo, LaToya Ferguson, Kyle Fowle, Zack Handlen, Will Harris, Jesse Hassenger, William Hughes, Noel Murray, Dennis Perkins, Oliver Sava, Caroline Siede, Mike Vago, Annie Zaleski


Editor Jermaine Affonso
Associate Editor Jamie Brew
Staff Writers Alex Blechman, Cullen Crawford, Steve Etheridge, Adam Levine, Matt Powers, Noah Prestwich
Writing Fellow Lauren Moser
Editorial Coordinator Anthony Easton
Contributing Writers Dan Abromowitz, Adam Albright-Hanna, Brian Boone, River Clegg, Megan Green, Kevin Horst, Joe Kwaczala, Sara McHenry, John McNamee, David McQuary, Jon Millstein, Daniel Moraff, Mike Prochaska, Alan Resnick, Blythe Roberson, Gregory Ronquillo, Gilbert Shi, Amos Vernon, Adam Weinrib
Other Contributors Brett Blake, Dan Gagliardi, Harrison George, Kyle Hendrix, K. Thor Jensen, Ben Kirschenbaum, Zack Phillips, David Smith, Rick Stoeckel, Matt Wilson


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