A Definitive Encyclopaedia of Information in 27 Excruciating Volumes

Are you tired of stumbling around blindly, in an ignorant haze, perplexed by the world around you? What if there was a book that could make sense of your ultimately meaningless existence? Fortunately, The Onion, bastion of unbiased, reliable, and definitive news, has produced just such a book. Bolstering the prestige of this grubby, pathetic little bookstore by its very presence, The Onion Book of Known Knowledge is an encyclopædia of all worldly facts in existence, and the last book one need ever purchase.

Now, in a remarkably innovative tactic bound to send shockwaves through the entire publishing industry, The Onion Book of Known Knowledge will be available October 29 in a cheaper–yes, cheaper–paperback Editionn. Thousands of brilliant and essential text entries, colorful graphics, illustrations, and diagrams can now be yours for but a beggar's pittance. And is that not a small price to pay for eternal wisdom?

Gaze upon these majestic features four:

  • Private reading room on page 74
  • Endorsed by the International Fact Alliance
  • Decreases dumbness by 30%
  • Pre-creased to open right to Gerald Ford

"One of the best works that 'The Onion' has ever produced."
Huffington Post

A preview of entries from the 183rd Imperial Edition of The Onion Book of Known Knowledge