On Aug. 11 the Kansas Board of Education approved new science standards which de-emphasize the teaching of evolution. What do you think of this controversial decision?

"What? You've got to be kidding me! Kansas has schools?"

William J. Rubin • Robotics Technician

"I don't want my kids learning none of that 'devilution' or about, um, the… 'sin bang.' Give me a minute. I can do better."

Annie Kaplan • Real Estate Agent

"Evolution? I know it's true from personal experience. I used to be a butterfly."

Julia Snyder-Barnes • Typesetter

"Listen here. My ancestors weren't no monkey-fuckers."

Marty LaFarge • Flooring Installer

"As a Kansan, I just ask myself, 'WWJD?' I figure he'd want to wear white button-up shirts, drink beer, cheer the Jayhawks, and set education in this state back about 100 years."

Stan Crouse • Appliance Repairer

"I choose to believe in the unambiguous facts yielded by astronomy, geology, paleontology, history and common sense. Forgive me,

Paul Bromfield • Systems Analyst