October 19

There will be a 10K charity run for lupus research Saturday, so if someone hits you up for a donation in the next couple of days, it’s legit.

October 17

 This week’s city council meeting will conclude with a lengthy statement from an elderly woman who doesn’t know the issues but enjoys a little bit of human interaction.

October 16-18

 The public water supply will be shut down for the rest of the week in preparation for the Fifth Annual WaterFest this weekend.

Monday, September 2

Due to budget cuts, beginning next week the library is replacing Movie Mondays with Blondie Comic–Reading Mondays.

Saturday, August 31

The Petersons will have an Open Jump on their new trampoline this Saturday from 1 to 6 p.m., after which it will never be used again.

Friday, August 30

Aug. 30: The usual cast of weirdos will be showing up to whatever free thing is going on at the Wilmont Community Center.

Friday, July 5

Those two kids in town with the dyed hair and the eye shadow will be out walking around smoking cigarettes and looking morose Friday night.

Wednesday, July 3

July 3: Everyone close the windows of your home Wednesday, as the truck with the malfunctioning insect sprayer will be driving around town.

Tuesday, May 14

Author and ecologist Michael Strandley will be at the Cameron Library on Tuesday discussing his lifelong work with bears and why he thinks they’re overrated.

Saturday, May 11

An outdoor screening of the Rozenski family’s rafting trip has been set up so everyone can get it over with at once.

Saturday, May 11

The Ridgewood Gardens Association will be meeting for its annual Green-Up The Neighborhood event on Saturday beginning at 10 a.m.