Meatless Chili

Corrections ISSUE 48•27 Jul 4, 2012
Last week's food section included a recipe for meatless chili, but it turns out meat is pretty important for chili not to taste terrible.

Fooding House

Corrections ISSUE 48•25 Jun 22, 2012
In last Thursday's issue, there were several instances in which The Onion mistakenly referred to a restaurant as a "fooding house." The Onion regrets ...

Mistaken Regret

Corrections ISSUE 48•25 Jun 20, 2012
Last week The Onion mistakenly regretted an error made in a previous issue. It should be noted that The Onion lamented that particular error.

Full Moon Killer

Corrections ISSUE 48•23 Jun 9, 2012
Last week The Onion referred to the Full Moon Killer as the Corpse-Making Killer. The Onion was unaware that everyone was already calling him the ...

Idi Amin

Corrections ISSUE 48•23 Jun 6, 2012
Our random quote generator once again selected an excerpt from a speech given by murderous Ugandan dictator Idi Amin for last week's "Words Of ...

Metaphysical Bias

Corrections ISSUE 48•19 May 9, 2012
The Onion recently wrote that permanence is an illusion. We in the media strive to prevent metaphysical bias from coloring our reporting, and The Onion ...

Coded Message

Corrections ISSUE 48•09 Feb 29, 2012
There was a misprint in last week's coded message to schizophrenics. The third letter on the sixth line of the second page was supposed ...

Global Scheme

Corrections ISSUE 48•07 Feb 18, 2012
The latest Onion Conspiracy Index omitted a key player. We regret that this arch-puppeteer has ensnared us in its global scheme and won’t allow ...

Punic Wars

Corrections ISSUE 48•05 Feb 1, 2012
Last week, The Onion mixed up the dates of the First and Second Punic Wars in the story "Bedford-Area Girl Kidnapped." The Onion regrets the ...

Personal Information

Corrections ISSUE 48•03 Jan 18, 2012
For years, The Onion has systematically cataloged all our web users' personal information: what they were reading, when they were reading it, and which articles ...