Corrections ISSUE 47•39 Sep 28, 2011
The Onion incorrectly reported that police are investigating a homicide at 1 Regent Square. The crime was in fact regicide.


Corrections Sep 14, 2011
The Onion apologizes for running a hand-drawn image of Mitt Romney eating eggs at a New Hampshire diner yesterday, but those vultures at Getty wanted ...

Summer Deals

Corrections Sep 12, 2011
In last week's column on where to find the best end-of-summer deals, the recommendations for lawn furniture bargains at Target were misattributed to Harvard ...

Greg Yaffe

Corrections Sep 1, 2011
After we finally had to admit that no amount of tears and pleading would ever bring Chicago resident Greg Yaffe back, The Onion has officially ...

Mall shooting

Corrections Aug 30, 2011
In regard to last week's coverage of the mall shooting that left nine dead, The Onion apologizes for focusing more on all the great ...

10,000th error

Corrections Aug 12, 2011
Last week, The Onion misspelled the name of presidential adviser David Plouffe. On the plus side, it was our paper's 10,000th error!

Six Pack

Corrections Aug 10, 2011
An advertisement for Cash 'N' Carry last week listed the sale price for a six-pack of Smirnoff Ice as $5.99 while forgetting to mention ...


Corrections Jul 23, 2011
An article in last week's edition of The Onion entitled "What To Do With All Those Fresh Cherries" neglected to mention putting one over ...


Corrections Jul 20, 2011
Last week The Onion reported that a comment was vintage Jason, when it was actually vintage Phil.


Corrections Jun 22, 2011
While The Onion would have more than enough integrity to admit a mistake if it had made one, its commitment to flawless


Corrections Jun 11, 2011
Our coverage of the president's recent speech at the State Department failed to mention Barack Hussein Obama's full name.

Drug Lord Guy

Corrections Jun 8, 2011
The Onion got cold feet last week about publishing an exposé on Mexican drug lord Chuy "The Killer" Muñoz.

Future Misspelling

Corrections Apr 13, 2011
In exactly 73 days, The Onion will misspell Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's name, and no matter what happens, there's nothing anyone can ...