The Ecstasy Boom

Infographic ISSUE 36•09 Mar 15, 2000
Once confined to the realm of underground rave culture, ecstasy is spreading to Middle America. Why is this mildly psychedelic drug suddenly everywhere?

The Oxygen Network

Infographic ISSUE 36•04 Feb 9, 2000
Oxygen, an Oprah Winfrey-led media venture geared toward women, recently launched a new cable-TV network. What are some of the programs airing on the channel?

Yoga Mania

Infographic ISSUE 36•02 Jan 26, 2000
Popular in the 1970s, yoga is once again all the rage. Why are so many people turning to this age-old set of exercises?

Low-Carb Diets

Infographic ISSUE 35•43 Nov 24, 1999
Featured recently on the cover of Time, low-carb, high-protein diets are all the rage. Why are millions of Americans following such diets as "Dr. Atkins ...