The New Teen Age

Infographic ISSUE 35•06 Feb 17, 1999
From Varsity Blues to She's All That to Cruel Intentions, teen movies are dominating American multiplexes these days. Why are they so popular?

The New Playstation

Infographic ISSUE 35•03 Jan 27, 1999
Later this year, Sony will unviel its Playstation 2, the much-anticipated follow-up to its popular home videogame system. What are some of the new system ...

10-10 Mania

Infographic ISSUE 34•16 Nov 18, 1998
Turn on the TV, and you're likely to see an ad for 10-10-321 or a similar long-distance phone service. Why are there suddenly so ...

iMac Mania

Infographic ISSUE 34•13 Oct 28, 1998
With 350,000 sold in just three months on the market, the Apple iMac is the most successful personal-computer launch in history. What is its ...

Broadway's Back

Infographic ISSUE 34•12 Oct 21, 1998
After years of declining attendance Broadway enjoyed its biggest season ever in 1997-8. Why are so many people flocking to the Great White Way?

NBA Lockout

Infographic ISSUE 34•11 Oct 14, 1998
the 1998-9 NBA season is in jeopardy, with owners and players unable to reach a labor agreement. What are the players' demands?

Home-Run Hysteria

Infographic ISSUE 34•08 Sep 23, 1998
All eyes are on Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa as the sluggers battle it out for the single-season home-run crown. Why are Americans so captivated ...