New Sugared Cereals

Infographic ISSUE 31•10 Mar 19, 1997
As competition for the breakfast-cereal dollar heats up, more and more surgary kids' cereals are being introduced. Here are some of the new sugared cereals ...

Hollywood Rehashed

Infographic ISSUE 31•09 Mar 12, 1997
With the Star Wars trilogy a monster hit at the box office, Hollywood is now planning an entire wave of re-released blockbusters. What impact will ...

Homepage Hysteria

Infographic ISSUE 30•14 Nov 12, 1996
With the surging popularity of the Internet, millions of Americans are creating individual websites that express their unique personalitites. What are our reasons for setting ...

Teenage Pregnancy

Infographic ISSUE 30•13 Nov 5, 1996
Despite massive sexual education efforts, more teenage girls are getting pregnant than ever before. Exactly how are all these teens getting pregnant?