News in Brief

Shareware Fee Paid

News in Brief ISSUE 30•18 Dec 10, 1996
SAN FRANCISCO—The international computing community was stunned Monday following the announcement that San Francisco-area computer user Jeffrey Schaeffer had paid the requested $10 fee ...

Jamie Crying

News in Brief ISSUE 30•14 Nov 12, 1996
LOS ANGELES—According to local authorities, Jamie, 17, is crying, reportedly over a post-coital rejection by rock star David Lee Roth. "Although Jamie would feel ...

Area Doctor: 'Mylanta'

News in Brief ISSUE 30•14 Nov 12, 1996
BOSTON—Area gastroenterologist John Kleemer said "Mylanta" this week, according to patient Stanley Thurlong, 49, a longtime heartburn and painful acid indigestion sufferer. "My doctor ...