Buffet oped

Quote Aug 15, 2011
"If I see a shirt I like, I'll usually just buy it," - Warren Buffett

Gay Telling

Quote Aug 12, 2011
"Finally, after years of being silent about my sexual orientation, I can get all this built-up telling out of my system," - Cpl.


Quote Aug 10, 2011
"There is no greater joy in my life than making Obama hate his," - Sen. Mitch McConnell

Obama compromise

Quote Aug 4, 2011
"I'm truly grateful that both Democrats and their Democratic counterparts were able to reach this consensus," President Obama

Al Qaeda infrastructure

Quote Jul 28, 2011
"We want to turn your bridges into rubble, but if we claimed credit for making them collapse, nobody would ever believe us," - Ayman al-Zawahiri, Al ...


Quote Jul 25, 2011
"Look, anyone who knows me knows that I have never cared about money," - Rupert Murdoch


Quote Jul 22, 2011
“I prayed last night and asked the Lord to support my candidacy, and He said no,” - Ricky Perry


Quote Jul 22, 2011
"If we can't get job legislation passed, the least we can do is provide these citizens with something to do during the workday," - Labor ...

Obama dance

Quote Jul 15, 2011
"The United States will never dance for any nation on earth more than once. There will be no encore." - President Obama


Quote Jul 14, 2011
"There's a lot more to me than anyone realizes," - Dumptruck


Quote Jul 14, 2011
"Not only are Tony and Craig complete sweethearts, but anyone who spends more than two minutes with them can see they're clearly perfect for ...

Woman problem

Quote Jul 14, 2011
"Whether it's fretting about my career or the mess in my kitchen, I hate being caught off guard without anything to worry about."

Funk Congress

Quote Jul 11, 2011
The time has come to face facts: To move forward, we've got to get on up, and stay on the scene, like a sex ...

Twisted Sister

Quote Jul 11, 2011
"The world is a different place today, and with that in mind, we would like to go on record as saying that, starting right now ...


Quote Jul 1, 2011
"The bass were the first to talk about it, but they're kind of a coarse fish." - Eight-pound walleyed pike

Dick Armey

Quote Jul 1, 2011
"We cannot afford to take the health of our nation's lawns for granted." - Sen. Dick Armey (R-TX)

Seymour Hersh

Quote Jun 23, 2011
"I don't feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when I look at my Pulitzer. Instead, I feel angry." - Seymour Hersh

Pack of Vultures

Quote Jun 23, 2011
"Those other journalists from The Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun are nothing but a pack of vultures."