Real Estate

Schrödinger’s House

Has radioactive decay tripped the mechanism that sends the hammer swinging, smashing the vial of poison and killing the cat that resides inside, or does the cat still live? Buy this house and find out!

Real Estate ISSUE 49•42 Oct 20, 2013

Eternal Bliss

Real Estate ISSUE 49•35 Aug 29, 2013
Walk in heavenly, pristine halls of alabaster with the Lord at your side. Slumber in gossamer bedding to the soothing strains of golden-voiced cherubim.

Phantom Landlord

Real Estate ISSUE 49•35 Aug 28, 2013
The caretaker of this comfortable, sunny 1-bedroom apartment will fix any maintenance issue in a timely and professional manner without your ever knowing what the ...


Real Estate ISSUE 49•26 Jun 27, 2013
This 3 pool/2.5 pool unit features an open-concept pool and a bonus basement pool. Two-car pool. In-ground pool with hot pool.


Real Estate ISSUE 49•12 Mar 20, 2013
This single-room unit is not so much housing as a protective casing, a place where one is put away when not in use.

Jet Age Fixer-Upper

Real Estate ISSUE 49•05 Jan 31, 2013
This charming, vacant airport terminal harkens back to a simpler, more futuristic time. Believed to have been designed by some high-minded architect, this mid-century dazzler ...


Real Estate ISSUE 49•05 Jan 30, 2013
Could you please just buy this house? I am so tired of trying to sell it, you have no idea. Just purchase it now, and ...

Not For Sale

Real Estate ISSUE 48•33 Aug 16, 2012
This immaculate two-story colonial that has a swimming pool and kitchen with brand-new stainless steel appliances isn’t for sale, but you are more than ...